Progress update – inc ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 Audits

We continue to progress well , even if things are a little hectic. We have looked at in mould labelling the Jokey Buckets with Bob. This is very exciting and not that expensive if the volumes are there. It will be necessary to add a small flavour sticker, but for a full integral label, this is a small price to pay.

We moved into the office last weekend and are gradually getting more tidy. This is the 3rd Move since November and I feel really settled (although we are still waiting for some Desk parts from Furniture at Work which were ordered last November too.) We are getting everything as we want it and I am working better again. It has been hard running the business and building while in a temporary office.

We had a major quality Audit last week which went well and gave us a chance to test our new procedures and factory layout. It went really well and we are really proud of the quality of the factory we now have.

Response times are still a little slower than I would like but I am still running the factory as well as responding to enquiries, sorting procedures, personnel and HSE requirements. I find work goes better when the staff have gone home! Lucas spent last night reading fork lift procedures and decided to test the truck this morning and lifted the roller shutter door off its hinges! He was mortified but we fixed it later.

A clock card machine arrived today to help record attendance. It is fitted if not yet working fully. It will link to the computer and the payroll – I am sure it will be great when it is working!

After 6 months the council gave us a new address this week – Harrison Court – which helps as there were other 3, Hilton Business Park addresses and likely to be more in the future. Harrison Court is named after Chris Harrison who worked for Rolls Royce developing Merlin engines in the War and then joined hte RAF to fly Mosquitoes. He now lives in Australia. We now hope to get a postcode in the next 6 weeks!

The web site seems to be working well and appreciate any feedback about what you would like to see.