2013 Update

In August 2012 we installed a new, high speed, blender to improve production efficiency – this allows us to blend 750kg in 90 seconds.

This sounds impressive, but the main benefit is to improve product quality.  We cannot pack product in 90 seconds, so it gives us plenty of time to QC product and to keep the blender ahead of production.  It keeps our blending efficiencies to where they need to be.

For the last 2 months we have been extraordinarily busy and the new blender has made the process of meeting customers’ requirements much easier.

In installing this we were running short on factory space, so expanded into the next unit.  This increased our space by another third.  Another unit became available later in the year, and having been short of space for too long, took this on also.

The industry continues to be exciting but driven by innovation and quality – where we excel.

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